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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Richard Floyd vs. Basil Marceaux: Mudhole Stomper vs. Stopper of Traffic Stops

Republican voters in Hamilton County have an embarrassment of riches, er, um, something in the House District 27 primary.

Richard Floyd vs. Basil Marceaux, (.com?) Sr.

Previously obscure and rightly so, Rep. Floyd emerged onto the national stage after a harrowing experience of reading about a transgender person at a Macy's in Texas, which led him to put forth the police the potty bill.

Despite his new found fame, Floyd is no match on the national stage for Basil Marceaux, who vowed as a gubernatorial candidate to stop traffic stops.  You see, Mr. Marceaux has been on Jimmy Kimmel:

The victor of this bash of the Titans faces Democrat Frank Eaton of Hixson in November.

Early voting in the primary starts on Friday.  Find out more about early voting here.

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