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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Big opening for Milk in Knoxville

Milk, the film that portrays the life of San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk starring Sean Penn, opened to a large audience in Knoxville on Sunday afternoon. Todd Cramer of the TEP Knox County Committee and Knoxville Human Rights Group and Robbie Arrington of the Regal Entertainment Group (pictured above) organized the event. A packed theatre watched the film and stayed for a discussion. Among those attending were Knoxville City Council members Bob Frost and Bob Becker as well as State Rep. Harry Tindell. Becker talked about running for office and encouraged those in attendance to consider a run for Council. Seats will become open since members are term limited. He indicated he thought a candidate who is out can be elected in the City of Knoxville.

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aftraveler said...

I have to agree that this was an awesome movie and a great inspiration for getting out in to our communities and advising others that we - GAYS - are humans who want to be treated as such. Thank you Regal for hosting this event! I enjoyed the comments, the emotions and guest speakers who were there to talk afterwards. Look forward to attending more events in the future!