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Monday, December 15, 2008

City Paper draws parallels between Durbin and Glasgow in 18th District

Nate Rau takes an in-depth look at the departure of 18th District Councilman Keith Durbin and discusses David Glasgow's possible candidacy for the office:

The parallels between Durbin and one of the candidates are hard to ignore. Like Durbin, Glasgow, the public information officer for the state Rural Development agency, is openly gay. Like Durbin, Glasgow said he would make accessibility to his constituents the centerpiece of his potential campaign.

Rau also quotes me, but it looks as if an extra "is" was added. Maybe it was just a typo or maybe it's because I was doing the interview over the phone while having lunch at Cinco de Mayo.

Regardless, it will be interesting to see whether sexual orientation does become an issue in this race. Considering that the precincts in the 18th Council District voted against the marriage amendment in 2006, I would be surprised and disappointed if it became an issue. Basic district issues and willingness to put in the time to serve will probably loom large.

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H.G. said...

I only wish I lived in a district blessed with the talent that David has!