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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Damning them with faint praise: The City Paper on the District 18 candidates

When Clint Brewer says that the District 18 Metro Council race "is likely going to be a hard choice for engaged residents of the district," you don't have to read long to find out why. I suppose in our contemporary noncommittal vocabulary, words like "operatives," "intriguing," and "youngish" are complimentary words. At least, I detected a positive tone as I read them with respect to candidates Kristine LaLonde and John Ray Clemmons.

But were I a candidate or a voter, I would hope that some other words were on the tip of Mr. Brewer's pen. I would want to know who has the platform that is most relevant and comprehensive with respect to neighborhood issues. I would want to know who has the experience and record of delivering on promises.

Perhaps youngish, intriguing operatives make good copy in People magazine or maybe as cocktail party guests, but let's hope the candidates reveal a bit more of themselves to the papers soon. If I were a candidate, I would certainly be glad for any media attention, but if all they can come up with are these three words, then the candidates have some work to do in defining themselves.

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