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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

There can be only one: Bredesen as the Highlander

The City Paper's Clint Brewer has his reasons, I'm sure. He continues to use the Odom-Bredesen war of words to slam Odom. But where is the analysis that helps us understand a Democratic governor who has a pattern of undermining Democrats?

No need to run against Senator Lamar Alexander, we heard over the last year and a half. And then there were those comments predicting failure as Speaker Naifeh worked out the cable bill this year. When asked to opine about Barack Obama, we were sent on shopping sprees to Wal-Mart followed by a feast at Waffle House. But it didn't end with the election. In fact, it just brought new opportunities to snipe at the House Democratic leader.

With two years left, the Governor may well be on his way to being the last one standing before he walks off the stage.

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