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Friday, February 13, 2009

The Don't Say Gay bill is back

Well, we knew it was a matter of time. Sen. Bunch and Rep. Campfield have reunited for their duo performance of last year's hit "Don't Say Gay," also known as SB1250/HB0821. This year's digitally remastered version is sure to be on all the club mixes this spring.

OK, back to earth...thanks again, gentlemen, for attempting to erase our existence. No matter how unspeakable you think the love that dare not speak its name is, it's not going away. And it's going to get talked about, and honest curricula in science, health, social studies, and literature will deal with it as part of the overall subject matter. So middle school students won't be allowed to discuss the battles over marriage when they're learning to write essays? Are we going to encourage them to stop reading the news? Unworkable foolishness.

Update: Minnesota's largest school district is dropping its Campfieldesque policy.

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