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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Endorsement of David Glasgow in Metro District 18: Full text

The news has already broken at Out & About and at the Tennessean, and picked up by Mr. Kleinheider, but here is the full text of TEP PAC's endorsement of David Glasgow from TEP PAC Chair Jenny Ford:

On Tuesday in the presence of the statewide community gathered for the 5th annual Advancing Equality Day on the Hill, I had the pleasure of announcing that TEP PAC has endorsed David Glasgow for the open Metro Nashville Council seat in District 18.

David is a strong neighborhood advocate, a quality prized highly by the people of District 18. Also impressive is how hard David has worked in this campaign. David has knocked on countless doors and, according to the first financial disclosure, he is the leading candidate in fundraising with an impressive number of local contributors. He has consistently demonstrated his commitment to put in the time needed to serve his neighbors, and the residents of his district are responding enthusiastically.

David is the third openly gay candidate that TEP PAC has endorsed. In 2007, we endorsed Shane Burkett for Metro Council District 12 as well as Keith Durbin, who served as the District 18 Council Member. David has expressed a strong commitment to equality that stems not only from his personal story, but from his desire to represent one of the most progressive areas of the State. He understands that there is not a separation between the task of serving all his constituents and advancing equality. For these reasons, he has received our endorsement.

We would also like to acknowledge the clear commitment to equality articulated by candidates John Ray Clemmons, Stephenie Dodson, and Kristine LaLonde. In particular, we are grateful for the longstanding and active work for equality exhibited by Kristine LaLonde. It is obvious that District 18 is fortunate to have so many good candidates running for this seat.

If you live in District 18, we ask you to vote for David. We ask the entire statewide community to support him in his bid for Metro Council. You can find out how by clicking here . If you live in Nashville, we ask you to consider volunteering in the campaign. Learn more by clicking here .

Let’s all do our part to help David get elected.


Jenny Ford

Chair, TEP PAC

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