Grand Divisions

Tennessee Equality Project seeks to advance and protect the civil rights of our State’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons and their families in each Grand Division.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

I went to the Tennessean's website today and saw this picture with the caption "Looking for Love? Check out the best places in Nashville to find love."

There is, indeed, a long unwritten history of people finding love (or fleeting things somewhat like it) at the Capitol, but it would not be my first thought.

But while we're talking about finding love at the Capitol on Valentine's Day, it seems like a good time to remind everyone what we're fighting for in the Legislature this year. It's love. I know some people want to reduce our community to sex, and sex they're not comfortable with, even though some of their best friends are G, L, B, or T. But we're in it for love. You can't build a life with a partner or raise children without love. You can't spend hours advocating for your community's rights without love.

To our friends on the Right, we wish you the best in your marriages. We hope your children grow up to be strong, healthy, smart, active members of their communities. We wish you wanted the same thing for us. But until you do or whether you do, our love will sustain us. Love is at the heart of our movement and our persistence is proof that love conquers all.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!