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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Glasgow campaign releases financials

18th District Metro Council candidate David Glasgow has released his first batch of financials.

Also, last Friday we filed our first campaign financial statement with the Election Commission. The report covered cash and in-kind donations made before January 15. At that time we already had 35 donations totaling $5,168. Right now we have over $11,000 cash-on-hand for the next stage of the campaign, and we still have pledges out and are receiving contributions every day!

So there were a few scoffers when he announced $15,000 in pledges at the January kickoff. But the number is looking pretty good now. 35 donations by January 15 isn't too bad either, considering that the presidential race just ended and the English Only ballot measure was coming to its conclusion.

The email also indicates some upcoming events that will likely bring in more contributions.

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