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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Senator Paul Stanley wants to know what's going on in your bedroom

Wendi Thomas tells the story of two of my favorite people in today's Commercial Appeal: Will Batts and Curtis Petty. If their Senator has his way, Will and Curtis will lose their right to adopt children.

I spent 7 years working in child welfare in Tennessee. I've witnessed horrible cases of abuse and neglect of children. These children deserve good homes like the one Will and Curtis can provide. It's amazing to me that Paul Stanley has such contempt for my friends by sponsoring this bill again for the second year in a row.

Sen. Paul Stanley's adoption ban bill would do nothing to protect children or increase the likelihood of being placed in a loving and nurturing home. It's about pushing a narrow theological and ideological agenda on the citizens of Tennessee. Political conservatives used to believe that government has no place in the private lives of its citizens.

On Tuesday, Feb. 17, I'll be in Nashville for Advancing Equality Day on the Hill to tell Paul Stanley and other lawmakers that the Adoption Ban Bill has no place in Tennessee. Come with us or write your legislators if you oppose this bill.

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