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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

TN Chapter of Foster Care Alumni of America statement on adoption ban

The Tennessee Chapter of the Foster Care Alumni of America have put out a strong statement opposing SB 0078 (the adoption ban bill). These are adults who spent time as children in foster care. And the vast majority of them are not GLBT.

The questions are really poignant when asked by those who grew up as children waiting for permanent homes:

SB 78 supporters state that they want to protect children, and our Chapter accepts their statements as sincere. So we ask them these questions:
  • Is it better for our brothers and sisters in care to have no parent than to have parent who is in a relationship you think is wrong or improper?
  • Is it better for a child or youth to have no home than to have a home you think is imperfect?
We assume that SB 78’s supporters agree with us that the answer to these questions is “no.”
Therefore, until or unless there are enough qualified and available adoptive parents to promptly meet the needs of every child and youth in care, this bill should be tabled.

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