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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Another Pride winding down

The Tennessean ran this piece about Saturday's Family Day event, which is part of the Nashville Pride celebration. Several of those in attendance were interviewed about their reactions to California Supreme Court's decision to recognize marriage rights for same-sex couples.

The main celebration took place in Centennial Park today where several organizations and businesses had set up booths. I was pleased to see Dell represented there. It's always a good opportunity to sign up new members for your group. TEP recruited several new members, surveyed over 250 on hate crimes incidents, and even registered about 40 voters. The overwhelming majority of people who stopped by our booth had already taken care of their registration or change of address prior to the Tennessee presidential primary and are eager to vote in November.

Mike Stewart, Democratic candidate for State House District 52, stopped by the TEP booth to talk for a few minutes. He had been campaigning door-to-door yesterday in the Green Hills portion of his district. I didn't happen to see any other candidates out in the park, but I wasn't exactly looking too hard.

The best part of Pride is seeing people you haven't seen in about a year. It's like a family reunion. The mood was upbeat as people from all over Middle Tennessee got reconnected.

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