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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I saw the sign

The price of gas has cut back my campaign yard sign scouting significantly. But I do notice a few signs here and there in Nashville. Lee Limbird is doing some bus bench advertising in Bellevue in her bid for school board. Alan Coverstone has signs up and down Woodmont Boulevard. I spotted a Mike Stewart sign (Democrat for House district 52) on the same street. Of course, he and primary opponent Eric Stansell have been getting them in yards all over East Nashville. Stansell's yard signs are also available in OutLoud on Church Street. In old West Nashville (where the streets are named after states), you won't find many, but you can still spot the occasional Bob Clement for Mayor sign.

In the presidential race, I've seen a few Obamas and a Clinton on 19th Ave. South and a few McCains on Hillsboro Road heading into Forest Hills. Obamas are conspicuous on a few of the streets in Inglewood as well.

The bumper stickers that I notice are largely for Obama, but you can still find plenty for Fred Thompson around town. I have yet to see a bumper sticker for a legislative race that also happens to be attached to a car.

Nope, it's not a scientific survey of Davidson County. But it's one index of how campaigns are spending their money and the races that interest the most politically active groups in the area.

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