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Saturday, June 28, 2008

More Marsha, Marsha, Marsha

The Memphis Daily News has a short story about Marsha Blackburn warning her supporters about Tom Leatherwood's challenge to her in the Republican Primary for Tennessee's 7th Congressional District:

Marsha Blackburn is telling her supporters that she is facing her most serious challenger this year since her first run at elected office in 2002.

The U.S. representative for Tennessee’s 7th Congressional District is facing Shelby County Register of Deeds Tom Leatherwood in the Republican primary for her congressional seat. The primary election is Aug. 7.

In a note to supporters, Blackburn calls Leatherwood a “very serious opponent” who nonetheless “knows he can’t out-conservative someone with my voting record, so he kicked off his campaign with a negative attack on me and has never let up.”

She goes on to say of Leatherwood that “he is being encouraged by some of his pals in the courthouse in Memphis who resent the fact that I don’t spend more time catering to their wishes” and that she believes Democrats are urging other Democrats to vote in the Republican primary for Leatherwood.

UPDATE: Turns out that Leatherwood has also been accused of FEC abuses.


MickeyWhite said...

Marsha Blackburn is my Congressman.
She is no conservative.
See her unconstitutional votes at my old blog:
See current info at:

Rossville TN

Manny said...

Marsha Blackburn is my Congressman.
She is conservative.
She has a 100% by the NRA.
She has a 100% by national Right to Life.
She is a Taxpayer Hero
She supports life, guns, traditional marriage and family.
She sounds pretty conservative to me.

There is a Memphis court house gang pushing Leatherwood into this just so Memphis (not int he 7th district) can have a bigger say in congress. It's sad really. And David Pickler has been sending out a letter in support of Leatherwood, which in the first line he encourages Democrats to vote for Tom. Sounds like good values to me...say anything to get elected...

Cato said...

I completely agree with Manny. Multiple prominent and trusted conservative organizations have endorsed Rep. Blackburn. I am curious, Mickey, which conservative organizations have endorsed Leatherwood? Also, if Rep. Blackburn is not a conservative, who is?

MickeyWhite said...

I have Never said I was for Leatherwood. I know how Marsha votes, I have talked to her several times. She does not support the constitution. She supports NeoCon bills. She love the United Nations and More Government and More spending.