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Friday, June 27, 2008

The Debra and Bob Show

State Rep. Debra Maggart (R-Hendersonville) is having a little fundraiser in Gallatin on July 11 and the "special guest" star is Sen. Bob Corker.


Still Blue After All These Years said...

How quaint. A mere $150.00 couple to eat finger food and be serenaded by two people not exactly known for awesome speechifying held in a subdivision best known for the former slave quarters buildings still standing on the property...

Anyone interested in seeing that Rep. Maggart's term in the leg. is blissfully brief should check out her opponent this time around. Andy Allman ( is the real deal -well-funded, well-connected, bright, articulate and running on issues that have nothing to do with sex offenses and bestiality. (Rep. Maggart's best-known legislative accomplishments are bills dealing with such.)

Change is blowing in the wind in Sumner County. I honestly believe Allman has a real chance to win.

Blue Sumner Daze said...

Ah, yes, Rep. Maggart - keeping Tennessee miserable one citizen at a time. IIRC, sponsoring the "Abusive Nursing Home Protection Act" she had the temerity to claim credit for the governor's initiative for long term care. And at the Memorial Day event in Gallatin, she told us (I kid you not) how the American Military had won the war on Christmas!

Here's a better idea: Skip the finger sandwiches, save the $150, spare yourself the blah-blah-blah-hate-blah and Donate to Andy Allman at his Act Blue page

Send someone to the statehouse that Sumner County can be proud of.