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Friday, June 13, 2008

Cross burning terrorizes Scott County family

An Elgin, TN family has been the victim of a cross burning. Terry Lay wasn't able to get a good look at the two culprits when he was awakened by the barking of his dogs around 4:00 a.m. His property has been vandalized before with previous incidents including racial slurs. To protect his grandchildren who live with him, he is considering moving away from Elgin.

"They're human beings. God put them here. They had no choice. They didn't ask, 'I want my mother to be this color or that color, I want my daddy to be this color or that color.' They didn't ask for it, and they don't deserve it."

"It's the last straw with me. I'm ready to go." He wants to go somewhere more welcoming, even if the cross burners are caught.

The FBI is leading the investigation with assistance from the Scott County Sheriff's Department.


Scott Co. Liberal said...

We have started a thread on the Scott County Liberals & Friends Discussion Forum to show our support for the Lay family, and to let them know that not all Scott Countians are as hateful and benighted as the perpetrators of this horrible crime.

To show your support for the Lay family, go to:

Chris Sanders said...

Thanks for sharing this link and information about your group. I'm glad that you all are reaching out to the family and offering moral support. Hate crimes can happen any where. How a community responds is very important.