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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Anti-gay madness down the ticket, but not in Tennessee

I should start by saying that we haven't seen a lot of anti-gay rhetoric in the presidential campaign. True, Sarah Palin has discussed her opposition to same-sex marriage, but we're not hearing a lot of scapegoating from the McCain campaign. It's important to note progress. Right?

Down the ticket around the country, however, we're seeing some dirty tricks. Senator Elizabeth Dole of North Carolina has attacked opponent Kay Hagan by casting gays as predatory. In California and Florida there have been cyber attacks against the websites fighting state amendments banning same-sex marriage. Oh, and a shell group claiming to be a GLBT organization is making robo-calls on behalf of a South Carolina Democratic State Senate candidate, who isn't even for equality.

Thankfully we haven't seen much of that sort of thing in Tennessee. Granted, Ken Yager and Becky Ruppe have waged a valiant battle to see who can do more to oppose "gay marriage." But mostly we've had to read about garden variety adultery, affairs, and nasty divorces in our legislative races. The sanctity of marriage is a fragile thing.

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