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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Politics on the road in Kentucky

I took a quick round trip to Frankfort today. My first observation is that there is no hint of a gasoline shortage there. In fact, you can find gas for as little as $3.12 a gallon.

On the way, I drove through one of those great community festivals that happen all over the Commonwealth in its small towns. Republicans and Democrats were actively handing out materials, especially about Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and his challenger Bruce Lunsford. I told my parents about the talk down here of the prospect of Lamar Alexander becoming minority leader. I'll just add that they're not fans of McConnell and they both pointed out increased interest around Kentucky in Lunsford's campaign. As I drove along, I saw a few signs saying "Ditch Mitch."

I saw more McCain-Palin bumper stickers and yard signs than I've seen down here, but there were plenty for Obama-Biden, too. That race is also tightening in Kentucky, but no one had any doubts about McCain carrying the state.

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