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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tired and Correct vs. Energetic and Imprecise: Reaction to the Biden and Palin debate

It shouldn't matter, but Joe Biden looked tired and, apart from looking a little nervous, Palin was full of energy. Biden debated the points better, but Palin connected with the camera and likely with average people...unless....unless Palin's dodges were frustrating for viewers. Whether by deliberate strategy or by instict, Palin continued to answer questions she wanted to and not the ones posed by Gwen Ifill.

On grounds of merit, Biden won. But context is everything. In making up the most ground, Palin scored big. Some pundits are already saying that her foreign policy answers were scripted. That's no shock. But she knew which ones to marshal, and that's a departure from the interviews.

Setting aside the issue of who won the debate and turning to GLBT issues, our community won't be completely satisfied with either candidate's answers. Biden outlined areas of protection that will appeal to GLBT voters such as hospital visitation. Palin indicated that John McCain wouldn't oppose those. But it was clear that she was uncomfortable discussing the issue, so she turned that discomfort to a discussion of the diversity of her friends and tolerance. Both campaigns reaffirmed their opposition to same-sex marriage.

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