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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Out & About Newspaper endorses Barack Obama for President

The State's largest GLBT newspaper has endorsed Barack Obama for President. Eschewing a focus on the equality issues that some might expect, the paper explained their choice in terms of the troubles facing our economy:

The message started with Barack Obama. Americans need a change. For every American, this message is no longer simply a campaign slogan, but a reality. That's why we at Out & About Newspaper chose to endorse Barack Obama for president. We believe he represents the change we need. He will be the catalyst that moves America in a direction of economic stability and reminds the rest of the world exactly why we are a great country. This political season is not about military spending, the war in Iraq or even equal rights. According to recent CNN polls, the economy and health care represent 71 percent of the most important issues impacting our decisions as we pull the lever during this year's election. Our next president must represent the change needed to address these issues. Barack Obama does.

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