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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dolly Parton's soft endorsement of Sarah Palin

Just when you thought the election couldn't get any more (fill in the blank), Dolly Parton dishes on Sarah Palin:

"I always say we're very much alike," says the normally bipartisan Parton. Parton goes on to tell "Extra": "(We're) both small town girls, both a Pentecostalism and we both carry an AK-47."

Maybe the connection goes deeper. She did sing the title song from the movie "Straight Talk." I wonder whether we'll start seeing Dolly's picture on the Straight Talk Express or hearing these lyrics slipping into Palin's speeches:

Gimme some straight talk, straight talk -- and hold the sugar please
Straight talk, straight talk -- sounds plenty sweet to me
Don't talk to me in circles in some mumbo-jumbo jive
Gimme just straight talk, straight talk and we're gonna be alright

'Cause I like to know just where I stand, I don't like guessing games
And I hate a bunch of gibberish, so just spit it out real plain
Don't use big educated words from your BS Degree
Straight talk, straight talk -- don't try B.S.-ing me

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