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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Best of Nashville in Politics

Congratulations to Emily Evans who was recognized today by the Nashville Scene as the "Best Metro Council Member." I happen to be in her district and am very happy for her.

Mayor Karl Dean made a couple of appearances in the Reader's Poll. He was listed as number one in "Best Thing That's Changed Nashville in the Last Year" and "Best Local Politician." Apparently the Scene doesn't agree with their readers. They attempt to paint him as MIA and avoiding controversy. They glide past the English-only matter:

True, he did speak out against Eric Crafton's "English Only" ballot initiative. But he's pulled a disappearing act on some other important issues.

Huh? I think that stance deserves a little more attention. He made a forceful speech before the Council on an issue where he's likely to be on the opposite side of the majority of voters. He has fought the proposal with every tool at his disposal in the name of a welcoming city and avoiding future costly litigation.

He made the community enhancement grant process substantially more transparent and he has taken a leadership role in looking at issues of poverty and economic development in Nashville's Poverty Symposium. Isn't this the sort of thing we want the Mayor to do?

The Scene has always played a valuable role in their skeptical look at local government. But I'm not following this time.

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