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Monday, October 13, 2008

More than candidates on the ballot this year in Memphis & Shelby County

Last night, around 100 voters came to a community forum to learn more about several amendments to the Memphis City Charter and Shelby County Charter that will be on the November 4th ballot. The referenda will include provisions that would:
  1. Stagger City Council terms and establish term limits for the Mayor and Council members.
  2. Establish procedures for city Mayoral vacancies.
  3. Allow for suspension of elected or appointed city officials with pay when charged or indicted for an ethical or legal violation or misconduct .
  4. Require voter approval to sell MLGW (a public utility).
  5. Allow for Instant Runoff Elections for City Mayor and City Council.
  6. Allow voter recall of City Council members.
  7. Require that all appointed officials in city government be City residents.
  8. Establishes the constitutionality of five elected county offices - sheriff, trustee, clerk, assessor and register.
  9. Limit the above five county offices to two four-year terms.

Learn more about these proposed amendments here.

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