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Thursday, January 8, 2009

18th District candidates united in opposition to English Only

Mr. Kleinheider posts John Ray Clemmons's press release opposing English Only. Clemmons notes he is campaigning against the amdendments and making contributions to the effort to defeat them. It's an impressive statement.

Candidate Kristine Lalonde is listed as one of the individuals at the Nashville for All of Us website opposed to the amendments. She is the only candidate listed at the site. She was also one of the early supporters listed on the Facebook pages devoted to the effort.

And a Facebook update this evening indicates that David Glasgow is attending an event to raise funds to fight the amendments. Prior to the first day of early voting Glasgow had sent out an email to friends urging them to vote last Friday and attend the Kitchen Cabinet event at 3rd and Lindsley that evening.

Good to see that they're all on the same page on this issue. Given the progressive reputation of the District, turnout in the 18th will be important in securing the margin necessary to defeat these ballot measures.

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