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Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's on! Adoption ban filed again.

Here's the link. Senator Stanley has filed basically the same bill he filed last year attempting to ban cohabiting couples in a relationship outside marriage as Tennessee defines it from adopting children.

The Tennessee Equality Project will vigorously oppose this bill. It is harmful to children and loving parents, and the cost will be unbearable to the state in a year in which we are facing a severe budget crisis.


Jonathan in Memphis said...

Since the sponsor of the adoption ban bill is from Shelby County, it is critical that a large number of people from Shelby County come to Advancing Equality Day on the Hill in Nashville on Feb. 17.

Please take the day off from work or school and lobby against this bill with us. If you cannot come, write a letter to your House Representative and Senator opposing SB0078. Find out who your lawmakers are at

Learn more about Advancing Equality Day on the Hill in the Shelby County Committee's evite at

John Shuck said...

I think the sane will realize that prejudice is expensive in a time in which we need to pull together. I'll write a letter to my reps and encourage PFLAGers to do the same. Thanks for the info!