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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

FedEx called out for domestic partner benefits claims

National GLBT blogs are calling out Memphis-based FedEx on the issue of domestic partner benefits in light of the company being named to Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work For" issue.

The Human Rights Campaign notes that although the company includes sexual orientation in its nondiscrimination policy, it doesn't include gender identity. They also point out that although FedEx says they offer domestic partner benefits, they only offer them to FedEx Office (used to be Kinko's) employees. The post goes on to add that FedEx does not offer partner benefits even in states where the law provides for marriage equality, referencing this communication, which cites the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

Good As You includes a heartbreaking story from a FedEx employee who was denied bereavement leave for a partner who died. The blog also adds the detail that FedEx employees in California have partner benefits because it is mandated by state law.

At this point, the pressure campaign seems to be building. There is a great deal of anger about the gaps in benefits, but even more anger about the public recognition for benefits that are not available to all employees.

It is not clear whether any national organizations have been actively negotiating with FedEx to bring about changes to their human resources policies. I do know that the Tennessee Transgender Political Coalition has had discussions about policy changes with FedEx. I hope that the effort to bring attention to this story results in policy change for the benefit of FedEx employees around the country.

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