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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Who doesn't want to be Governor?

Who will be elected Governor of Tennessee in 2010? My eight ball has a leak, so my predictions would faulty. However, the Commerical Appeal has a story on who's interested:

Running for governor in 2010


  • Bill Gibbons, 58, Shelby County District Attorney General since 1996
  • Bill Haslam, 50, Mayor of Knoxville since 2003
  • Zach Wamp, 51, of Chattanooga, U.S. Rep. for 3rd District since 1994

  • Kim McMillan, 47, Clarksville lawyer and former state representative

Potential candidates


  • Marsha Blackburn, 56, of Brentwood, U.S. Rep. for 7th District since 2002
  • Ron Ramsey, 53, of Blountville, lieutenant governor and state legislator since 1993


  • Andy Berke, 40, Chattanooga lawyer, state senator since 2007
  • Lincoln Davis, 65, of Pall Mall, U.S. Rep. for 4th District since 2002
  • Harold Ford Jr., 38, former U.S. Rep. from Memphis and current chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council
  • Roy Herron, 55, of Dresden, lawyer, state senator since 1997
  • Doug Horne, 63, of Knoxville, president of a real estate development firm, former state Democratic chairman
  • Jim Kyle, 58, of Memphis, lawyer, state senator since 1983

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