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Monday, January 5, 2009

With Richardson out, GLBT groups want one of our own in the cabinet

If at first you don't succeed...GLBT groups have been everything from hopeful to puzzled to downright angry about President-elect Barack Obama's cabinet picks so far. Then came the opening. Bill Richardson unnominated himself for Commerce Secretary. According to John Aravosis, GLBT groups are looking at the development as a last opportunity to get an out cabinet member. Aravosis seems to agree and argues that it could help make up for the Rick Warren debacle.

Well, we got close today, but no cigar, with the appointment of Brad Kiley as Director of the Office of Management and Administration. His biographical information is included in the link. Kiley was recommended through the Victory Fund's Gay & Lesbian Leadership Institute's Presidential Appointments Project. Kiley is the second such high level appointment from the GLBT community. He joins Nancy Sutley, who will serve as chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality.

These appointments represent solid progress and it is encouraging that the Presidential Appointments Project can chalk up some successes. I doubt we'll get an out person in the Commerce position this go round. But the Project shouldn't shut down. There is always turnover within a few years at the top.

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