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Sunday, January 18, 2009

More Tennesseans talking about Legislature than the Gospels, TN GOP implies.

Here's the lead up and the quote:

State Republican Chairwoman Robin Smith says 30 members of the 66-member GOP Executive Committee have now signed a challenge to Williams' Republican credentials. The committee already has had one meeting to discuss the matter and Smith says there will be another in a "deliberative process," though no date has been set.

Under party bylaws, the ultimate decision on whether Williams remains a Republican rests with Smith. She has left no doubt about her general sentiments.

"In Tennessee, he has surpassed Judas as a poster child of betrayal," she said in an interview.

Do they really think people in this state are more focused on them than the Bible? Please, tell me there are some Evangelicals in Tennessee who will call them on this. I'm just a gay Episcopalian. I don't think they'll listen to me.


Sean Braisted said...

I'm just a gay Episcopalian. I don't think they'll listen to me.

Heh, HBO wouldn't ;-)

Chris Sanders said...

I know. Too hot for HBO! Ought to be on a t-shirt with the Bishop's picture.