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Friday, April 11, 2008

Bridging the gap: sports and GLBT fans

The Atlanta Dream women's basketball team were doing some face-to-face marketing among Lady Vols fans covered in orange at a midtown Atlanta lesbian hangout. It's refreshing to see in the South. Can you imagine the Titans or the Predators showing up at Tribe or Play? Hey, maybe it's already happened. It's great to see the recognition of a GLBT fan base in sports. With former pros like John Amaechi coming out, maybe we're getting closer to bridging the gap between men's sports and gay male fans.

The GLBT community has to keep a large part of our focus on the political process so long as we experience legal discrimination. But we'd be foolish to deny that the cultural arena shapes our political possibilities. Until it's no longer an issue to be out in sports, ministry, country music, the military, or whatever area of life, we will be playing catch up politically.

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