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Friday, April 18, 2008

CP legislative wrap up: Judges, more judges, and DCS

The City Paper has a wrap up on some state level issues that is helpful in keeping up to speed. The first part deals with an argument between Rep. Rob Briley (D-Nashville) and Governor Bredesen about the openness of a screening panel for judges. Briley moved to keep them closed, while Bredesen wanted to shine some light on them.

Briley says if Bredesen wants the Judicial Selection Commission to have open meetings, then the governor should allow his personal deliberations and interviews when picking a judge to be open as well.

“My point was — the governor can’t have his cake and eat it too,” Briley said. “If it’s open, it’s open.”

The piece also covers the role of the Lt. Governor and the Speaker of the House in developing judicial nominees.

Finally, there is a summary of the Legislature's move to change civil service rules to protect DCS caseworker jobs in light of federal funding changes. The Governor thinks some layoffs may be needed, but primarily in the administrative ranks.

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