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Sunday, April 13, 2008

State workers and the Wikipedia scandal

The AP has picked up a story that originally ran as a WSMV I-Team report. I had the misfortune of seeing the original on the news. Basically, we're being whipped into a frenzy because a few state workers are spending a lot of time editing Wikipedia entries.

In a year with budget shortfalls, there certainly is at least an appearance issue here. And it also looks as if some of the employees did violate state internet use policies. However, I think it's important to ask in specific cases whether the violators were getting their work done well and on time. The other question is whether the work of state employees is being adequately managed. Are there departments that don't have enough work to do? And aren't there probably departments that are overworked?

All this is troubling in a year in which we face the spectre of no raise or almost no raise for state employees. But I think the issues would be present even if no state employees ever visited Wikipedia.

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