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Friday, April 18, 2008

Jackson Sun backs Herron's Bible course

A Jackson Sun editorial calls on the Legislature to pass Sen. Roy Herron's (D-Dresden) proposed non-sectarian Bible course for public schools. In the Sun's view:

"What makes Herron's bill appealing is that he already has answered the constitutionality question. He has gotten an opinion from the state attorney general confirming the bill's constitutionality. That means school systems should be able to offer the course, using the guidelines to be developed, without fear of being sued.

Another good thing about Herron's bill is that it provides clarity to an often murky and emotional issue. It would create a workable framework for talking about the Bible in school, something people in Tennessee want to do and have been trying to do with mixed results for years.

There's no doubt the Bible is a valuable education tool, even outside of church. Herron is right in his assertion that it is one of the most important books in history. It has influenced countless people for two millennia in areas as diverse as art, music and philosophy. Students deserve to learn about that influence."

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