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Friday, April 11, 2008

Remembering a tragedy

Tri-Cities news site asks readers what their plans are to observe the anniversary of the murders at Virginia Tech.

School safety is becoming such a broad, multi-faceted issue across the country. At times, it seems to unite conservatives and liberals. Consider the anti-bullying bill that was debated in the Georgia Legislature this year that was introduced by a conservative but backed by Georgia Equality. At other times, it brings out widely different perspectives. A prime example is the bill that was debated this year in the Tennessee Legislature that would have allowed some to carry weapons on college campuses. The Virginia Tech murders were explicitly cited. And while these acts of brutality touch all Americans in some way, it seems that the impact was particularly felt in East Tennessee.

We should welcome the growing focus on the safety of students, whether in our elementary or secondary schools or in higher education institutions. It is the kind of substantive issue that is worth the debate, the time, and whatever funds we can allocate.

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