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Monday, April 14, 2008

Frist acting like candidate for governor

John Rodgers tracks Bill Frist's travels around the state to community events like Columbia's Mule Days (we don't know whether he was at Rep. Tom Dubois's notorious party) and Republican fundraising events. Yes, he's acting like he's running for governor in 2010.

The state's GLBT community will remember Frist as a strong proponent of the Federal Marriage (Discrimination) Amendment. He also declared marriage a "sacrament" even though he's Presbyterian and that Church teaches that only Baptism and the Eucharist are sacraments.


Paradise said...

If you are trying to post a serious blog, snide remarks like "we don't know whether he was at Rep. Tom Dubois's notorious party don't help you. Of course you know Senator Frist wasn't there. Fairness even to those you don't like goes a long way. You can disagree without being obnoxious. As to the marriage amendment, I do not consider it to be discriminatory. I support civil unions for gays, but think we need to define what marriage is. Also, I am Catholic and don't agree with my church on everything. Senator Frist is entitled to do the same.

Chris Sanders said...

I think your point about having the right to dissent from your tradition is well taken. However, when someone does so, does so publicly, and does so in relation to a court decision or piece of legislation, it invites public comment. And one could ask the question in this particular case whether we want public officials defining the nature and number of the sacraments, including the issue of who is eligible to partake.

As for the Mule Days party, yes, a tad snide, but I don't know whether Dr. Frist was there or not. I would be surprised if he and Rep. Dubois didn't visit while Frist was in town.

Paradise said...

Chris, that is a very valid point, and one that I think politicians are still learning, some the hard way. I can tell you Dr. Frist was not at Tom Dubois notorious party, simply because that would be totally out of character for him. I like Dr. Frist, I also recognize that he made many mistakes as majority leader. I think it is interesting to see his inner self come out as it has in the last year. As I read his opinion on health care, he is actually closer to Clinton and Obama than he is to McCain. I somehow suspect that he is not the strong advocate against gay marriage that he appeared to be in the Senate. I think unfortunately for him, he was put in the position of majority leader by Bush, and felt a strong loyalty to the Administration, many times to his own detriment. That says something to me about his character, but calls into question his strength. In fairness, a guy 8 years into politics, generally wouldn't have the strength to stand up to the President of the United States. I think he will be a good governor. btw, my favorite nephew dies of aids, and came home for the final year of his life, with his mate. He had tried to keep his lifestyle a secret from my big italian family of 5 brothers and 4 sisters, but of course we knew it anyhow. My brothers one by one told him that he was a part of our family, and much loved, and they accepted his partner, just as they did him. In so many ways, the last year of his life was a reaffirmation of the joy he brought to all of us.

Chris Sanders said...

I am hopeful that in a campaign for state office, we will get to see some nuances and some different priorities in his campaign. With the question of marriage settled in Tennessee for at least a decade because of the constitutional amendment, I would like to believe that the GLBT community will not become the object of culture war rhetoric.

As majority leader, Sen. Frist's job was in part to move the President's legislative agenda. He's certainly a bright man who must have learned a great deal from the failure of the Federal Marriage Amendment.

Perhaps those lessons will be on display in the campaign. I'm glad you've seen the deeper aspects of his character. I think on the whole the GLBT community will be skeptical, but we will also have reason to ask very tough questions of the Democratic candidates as well.

The health care issue is very important or should be to the GLBT community even though it clearly applies to every citizen. Many of us would benefit from or have partners who would benefit from a change in the current system.

You mention HIV/AIDS and the way it has touched your family. Sen. Frist's work on that issue will also be of interest to our community.