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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Do liberals and Democrats get a pass on GLBT issues?

I read two pieces on this topic today. One was a national assessment in The Advocate found here: The piece recounts in painful detail the heterosexism and transphobia of national politicians who are classified as either liberals or as Democrats. The author is careful to point out that " by no means do the instances of liberal homophobia cited above amount to the same sort of organized campaign of intolerance that is a sustaining principle of the religious right." But he goes on to say that the left overdoes its claim to have been helpful in passing GLBT rights legislation and whatever role they have played certainly doesn't excuse their frequent indifference and their occasional hostility to GLBT issues. I guess the question is whether liberals think they have the right or whether it is the GLBT community that gives liberals a pass.

The other piece is Liz Garrigan's column in this week's Nashville Scene titled "Phil, We Need to Talk: A public breakup with Tennessee's governor."

She specifically mentions his silence on the adoption bill in the Legislature. She has called him out on this issue before.

It's one thing for a journalist to call out an official, of course. It's another thing for a minority community trying to win friends or at least not make new enemies. That still doesn't absolve us from being confrontational sometimes.

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