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Friday, April 18, 2008

Liz, what are you thinking?

The Nashville Scene's Liz Garrigan writes a hard-hitting, fun, thought-provoking column called "Commentary with the Breaks Off." I believe we've run across an instance in which she might want to get those breaks checked. Today while writing about the new political blog at Nashville Post produced by A.C. Kleinheider, she compares her bloggers to him mockingly mourning their comparative age and his relative freedom since he "doesn't have to get his hands dirty with ink or worry himself with having to put out a newspaper." All kind of funny and true, so far.

Then she addresses the Scene's blog readers with this nugget: "Just because Jeff Woods looks like a mean Asian trannie and doesn't listen like ACK and look deeply into your wordpress or whatever doesn't mean we can't have a meaningful relationship."

We'll be the first to admit that a sense of humor helps us all navigate the waters of Tennessee politics, but "a mean Asian trannie?" With comments like that coming from progressives, it's no wonder we can't get the birth certificate change bill passed in Tennessee. That bill has otherwise been admirably covered by P.J. Tobia in the pages of the Scene and in its blog.

It's not political correctness; it's called not piling on a group that gets kicked all the time as it is.

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