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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bible Park's latest roller coaster, WWJD?--the jokes are just too obvious

It's really hard to know where to begin with this story in today's Tennessean about Bible Park USA. I'm trying to contain the sarcasm, but I think I've already failed. An Israeli former Penthouse photographer is a major force in the company that is trying to launch the theme park with scenes from the Bible.

It's just the latest public disaster for the project, which has already failed a close zoning vote. The developers have had to walk carefully through the Church-state minefield on the bond issue as well. And now this?

Here's what the county mayor had to say, "I am not going to judge what any person did 35 years ago that might not be appropriate," Burgess said. "It isn't illegal, but it was not anything I would have participated in."

The Mayor's in a tough spot, no doubt. He might have acknowledged the appearance of hypocrisy, but then that would have become the headline, of course.

So far, lots of sin. I can't wait to see where the redemption comes from on this one.

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