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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

When are they going home?--Part 2

The House is in recess until 7:00 p.m. The video stream hasn't begun for the Senate yet (6:06). Maybe I'm clicking on the wrong link, maybe they're having technical difficulties, or maybe they meant they were reconvening at 6:00 Mountain time?

Cara Kumari just said live on WSMV that legislators still hope to go home tonight but some are acknowledging they could be in Nashville tomorrow.

OK, the Senate video is back up (6:23). Lots of milling around and a few members in their seats at the moment (6:36).

6:44--The Senate has quorum and is back in order. The sound is back on.
6:55--Senate is largely voting unanimously to concur with House amendments to bills.
7:00--The House is back in session on time. The Speaker has ordered the Sergeant at Arms to get the members inside and close the doors.
7:06--It would be a good night to have three eyes. CNN's election coverage is in the background. Yes, we watch it. We just don't say much about it. In the House, the Speaker is trying to keep the members on the calendar.
7:11--Most of the Senate members have left their desks, but I didn't hear why. Video is still running.
7:23--The Senate is back, but they're going to recess to allow the State and Local Government committee to meet for 5 minutes. They had discussed an 8:15 a.m. meeting tomorrow, but there was objection.
7:32--Sen. Wilder is speaking about the Tennessee plan for judicial appointments. He indicates TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY and that it could be on the calendar tomorrow if the Senate will provide 17 votes to bring it out of committee.
7:40--Sen. Randy McNally moved to table Sen. Wilder's motion to which Sen. Wilder replied, "What do I do now--cry?" The Senate voted 18 to 15 to table. Afterwards, Sen. Wilder said, "I failed." Very sad.
7:43--The Senate has adjourned until 8:30 a.m. tomorrow. The end continues.

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