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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Good news for Dean

The responses to Mayor Karl Dean's state of Metro address in the media left readers with one conclusion--the honeymoon is over. The offense? Understatement, apparently.

Well, the Mayor got some "good" news today, if it's all right to use that word. First, the number of prospective layoffs of Metro employees has been slashed from 200 to about 80 and is still declining. Of course, those employees won't be in their usual slots and as a result services will suffer. But it's encouraging that the impact on those employees has been softened considerably. Second, Martin Luther King and Hume Fogg magnet schools were rated in the top 25 public schools in the country by Newsweek. For the school system in general, substantial problems remain. But the news helps vindicate Dean's focus on schools.

Not a bad rebound, Karl!

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