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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kelsey on the table; the path to sine die

10:00 p.m. Rep. Brian Kelsey's (R-Germantown) attempt to divert bunker funding to the general fund was tabled by a vote of 57 to 37--probably one of the closer votes in the House tonight.

10:07--Sen. Wilder is in the Speaker's chair in the Senate. The House is in recess for the moment.

10:20--Sen. Wilder has yielded the chair to Lt. Governor Ramsey in the Senate.

10:25--The Senate is in recess as is the House.

10:35--The House is back in session.

11:00--Minority Leader Mumpower reminded the House that it is "now tomorrow in East Tennessee" to which the Speaker replied "thank you for helping get us there." Mumpower has moved the sine die adjournment. The Senate is back in session.

11:20--Senate moved to concur with House sine die resolution. The Senate is appointing its committee to tell the House that the Senate has completed its business.

11:30--The House adjourns sine die.

11:33--Senate acknowledges Sen. John Wilder and adjourns sine die.

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