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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Herenton as Superintedent Story Lives on . . . .

CEOs of large businesses are going on record in backing the idea of asking Mayor Herenton to consider the Superintent of Memphis City Schools.

Speaking personally, I would like to see him be superintendent, but it really is a school board decision - Gary Shorb, president and CEO of Methodist-Le Bonheur Healthcare and chairman of Memphis Tomorrow, a business group made up of the city's top CEOs.

I think the schools need powerful change and the funding system needs to be rethought and (Herenton) has an understanding of the community, the clout and the courage to make bold moves. I don't see how anybody from the outside could do the powerful things that are needed to get our kids as educated as they need to be. - Real Estate Developer Henry Turley.

Meanwhile, Herenton has been exploring legal means for the Mayor's office to exert more control over the the school system should he remain mayor.

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