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Friday, May 30, 2008

No place, eh?

The Tennessean's opinion section focuses on hate crimes today with their view , the view of TBI director Mark Gwyn, and Tennessee Disabilities Coalition executive director Carol Westlake.

While we're grateful over at TEP for the Tennessean's position on this issue, I find this sentence striking: "Such crimes have no place in Tennessee or anywhere else around this nation." And specific hate crimes apparently have no place in your news section. You have been contacted about the attack on Neal Anthony's house in Warren County and you have decided not to cover it so far. Channel 5, Fox 17, and Channel 2 in Nashville thought it was newsworthy, but not your editorial staff.

But I guess that puts you in the company of The Southern Standard, the Warren County paper whose web site has been updated yet again without even mentioning the incident.

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