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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Citizen Pain?

My apologies to everyone associated with Citizen Kane for the bad pun, but Rosebud Lodge, the proposed GLBT nudist resort in Roane County, is causing quite a stir. With all the complaints, the developers are rewording their description of the business as "open to all."

That hasn't persuaded some citizens. A number of area congregations have decided to cancel Wednesday services so their members can attend a Roane County Planning Commission meeting.

The comments alone on the story are worth the read--everything from family values to property values. And there is the obligatory fear of "the GLBT people [who] are determined to shove their lifestyles down everybody else's throats..."

Conceptually, I have to say, I don't think the project makes much sense. Perhaps I've just been too involved in the political side of the community, but do the G, L, B, and Ts really all want to be nude at the same place? Maybe some do. And maybe there's a market for it, but I bet we don't find out in Roane County.

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