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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

VUMC and Williamson Medical participate in Healthcare Equality Index

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation and the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association have put together their first Healthcare Equality Index (HEI). According to this story from the AP,

"The absence of federal protections, inadequate state laws and inconsistent hospital policies often results in discrimination and inadequate health care for GLBT patients and their families...The HEI is calling attention to discriminatory practices and, over time, establishing a 'gold standard' of policies to ensure equality of treatment."

The two participating Tennessee health care organizations are Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Williamson Medical Center. Both scored well in the HEI's five groups of criteria that cover the Patients' Bill of Rights, visitation policies, advance healthcare directives, diversity training, and employment nondiscrimination policies.

This announcement comes just days after Vanderbilt's Faculty Senate voted to include gender identity in the university's nondiscrimination policy.

These developments can only help the case for an inclusive nondiscrimination policy for all Metro employees in Nasvhille and City employees in Memphis.

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