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Thursday, August 14, 2008

12,500 jump to the defense of English

Tomorrow Councilman Eric Crafton will turn in his petition with about 12,500 signatures from Davidson County voters, according to the Tennessean.

It's another story of the success of his campaign. Apart from discussing the Council resolution, the piece doesn't really reveal anything about the opposition.

The lawsuit question was raised in the article, but it was presented inconclusively:

Crafton and other supporters of the English-only measure have said that it would encourage those who do not speak English to learn the language and would protect Metro from potential litigation brought by individuals who believe they can demand translation services.

Jim Boulet Jr., executive director of the Springfield-Va.-based English First said he is not aware of any such lawsuits. A Kansas Catholic school has been sued because it banned, in most instances, the use of foreign languages at the school.

Perhaps a lawsuit will prevail after this is all over. But those opposing the measure should become visible immediately after it qualifies for the ballot and start spoiling all the "earned media" Crafton has received.

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