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Friday, August 22, 2008

Tennessean Layoffs

The Tennessean made a layoff announcement on Wednesday, leaving 40 open positions unfilled. One of those is the arts writer (Jonathan Marx’s old position) and Leon Alligood’s position.

They also cut 10 more spots by laying off a copy editor, a librarian, a graphics guy, a marketing/editing person, and a sports copy editor, as well as a couple of folks in other departments. Two positions were moved from the Entertainment team to the Online content team.

This leaves their Features department with just three writers. And there’s more reorganization to come, we hear. Some of that may include a retooling of the weekly RAGE and renaming it to work with their online "MetroMix". It's clear the MetroMix is in competition with the entertainment calendar that's done by the Community Foundation, which has partnered with the Nashville City Paper to promote and have people use. Frankly I don't like any of the Tennessean's Web sites. They are dificult to navigate, and have way too much crap on them. But I guess the more info they can load up on them, the more "hits" they can claim and generate more ad revenue from them.

With Matt Pulle leaving the Nashville Scene, what's in store for that publication? A softer and more entertainment approach to compete with the Rage? Perhaps more stories about downtown living (how many times can That topic be reported on?). Will the Nashville City Paper step up to become the weekly news source that the Scene once was?

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