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Monday, August 25, 2008

From The Big Tent in Denver

Greetings on Day One of the Democratic Convention in the mile high city. Emily flew home this morning after getting me all situated and going over where I will need be the next four days. Thank you honey...she understands that I am directionally challenged. She even purchased a gps for me. Can you tell she's worried?

I'm sitting with about 200 bloggers at the moment and most of them are seriously typing away at their keyboards. The main stream media may be broken but new independent media is alive and well and all over this place. Hence, the reason for this post...

I wanted to make sure you have the links to catch the action. As many of you know, our very own Marisa Richmond is here. In addition to being the first African-American Transgender delegate from Tennessee she is also a guest blogger on my site: Avalonfarmblog. She will be posting daily from the convention floor and filling us in on her experiences as a delegate.

I am located between 2 places outside of the convention center-the Big Tent & PDA central. The Big Tent is where 200+ bloggers where selected to report from Denver. There are events happening here upstairs with progressive leaders from around the country all day everyday. Today I'm going to hear Donna Brazil and later Air America host Thom Hartmann. PDA Central is sponsored by Progressive Democrats of America and The Nation Magazine. Same thing there as far as speakers, panels etc.

For coverage of things happening here besides the mainstream coverage of "the horse race," go to any of these links... (also streaming video)

I also will be putting videos up on youtube at

and...podcasting at:


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