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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Party purge avoided

No, this news is not out of China; we're talking about Knoxville. A 19 year-old district delegate of the Democratic Party is going to be allowed to keep her position after she faced expulsion for appearing at a Republican event.

In an e-mail to the News Sentinel, [Chairwoman Sylvia] Woods wrote that she and 8th District delegate Caroline Hindman have discussed the matter and that Hindman now understands her responsibilities.

Woods added that the people within the party who originally filed the complaint have withdrawn it and also want Hindman to stay and participate. Hindman has faced a possible impeachment, the local Democrats said.

Previously, Woods had criticized Hindman for what Woods saw as a failure to fulfill the duties of the office, compounded by her appearance at the Republican victory party earlier this month.

Even though some of the issue centers around Hindman missing meetings, what propelled the story was the fact that she was being attacked for her appearance at a family friend's victory party. Apparently it caused a lot of shouting at a Knox County Democratic convention on Tuesday.

That's the way to lock up the youth vote!

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