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Friday, August 8, 2008

Steve Cohen triumphs, but Memphis is the real winner

While TEP focuses mainly on local and state politics, I can't help but take a moment to recognize the significance of Congressman Steve Cohen's win in the 9th District Democratic Primary race. As many already know, the campaign got really ugly in the last week with race-baiting and anti-Semitic television ads from the Tinker campaign. So ugly that Tinker supporters like Emily's List and Harold Ford, Jr. publicly repudiated Tinker's tactics in the campaign's last hours.

Cohen offered these words of reflection at his victory party last night:

It says Memphis has come a long, long way and that people who were counting on racial voting to prevail are thinking of a Memphis that doesn't exist anymore. . . . The people of Memphis are more sophisticated voters that deal with issues and someone's record and not simply race.

Memphis, Tennessee has shown CNN and The New York Times and MSNBC and everyone else that we are united, we are moving forward and we are a bellwether for what is going to happen in America when Barack Obama is elected president.

As racially divided as Memphis can be, we can all take pride in the wisdom of Memphis voters. This election outcome may herald a new day in government and politics.

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